Guitar & Lead Vocals


Lead Guitar & Backing Vocals
High-School Motherfuckers played their very first gig as a tribute to the RAMONES along with Jean Beauvoir (Kiss, Ramones, Plasmatics, Little Steven...) himself.

Encouraged by that gig and the few shows that followed that were all a success, the band went on recording the 5-track E.P. "Want some ?!".

The C.D. was well received by the public and got good reviews and fanzines worldwide started circulating the band’s name HSMF - as fans dubbed them - then took one more step. They were featured on various compilations and they brought their compelling punkrock all over Europe, in countries ranging from Switzerland to Hungary through the Netherlands and Denmark, Germany and the UK, playing along with such bands as the New York Dolls, Backyard Babies, Gilby Clarke (ex-Guns n’ Roses), Nashville Pussy, The Quireboys, L.A. Guns, Thunder Express, Kip Winger, Lizzy Borden, Vains of Jenna, Punish Yourself, Black Rain, American Dog, Adam Bomb, Black Halos, Dirty Penny, Psychopunch, Adam West, Turbo AC’s, +44 (ex-Blink 182), Michale Graves (Misfits), New Generation Superstars, GBH.

More determined and motivated than ever, the four punkrockers, raised on the Ramones, Motörhead and other Sex Pistols then embarked on recording their first full-length album "Backseat Education", 11 tracks made out of the raw energy and sheer intensity of the band’s live performances. It was then time to hit the roads of Europe again, not forgetting to work on new material at the same time.

Back into the studio and, proudly announced by the "Jesus ep" single, the HSMF’s new album of 11 brand new songs. "Say you just don't care" offers tracks that are finely carved, yet retaining as always and once again, the explosive and joyful frenzy, now a hallmark of the band’s music ; high-powered rythms mingle with heavy riffs and catchy melodies, in the manner of fellow scandinavian bands like The Hellacopters, Backyard Babies, The Bones or even Hardcore Superstar.

In 2017 with old partner in crime Blondie they decided to make a split CD with his band: The JOYSTIX! 10 brand new tracks, 5 rn'r treasure of punk/rock/hard/glam (call it what you want) per band! With that new opus "Skull's Out!" in hand, the four punkrockers are back on the road and they can hardly wait to meet you there to share with you those genuine rock n'roll moments that are their live performances.

After months of writing new material, the band is back in 2023 with a brand new video "Water into Wine" and a mini/maxi record "Trouble in Paradise" including 4 new tracks and 3 covers (The Dogs d'Amour, Last Of The Teenage Idols, Ramones)! It's still sweet as glam, hard as rock, wild as punk! The band is definitely back for the attack and ready to rock this town!


Drums & Backing Vocals


Bass & Backing Vocals